Oct 29-31: CEC Halloween Retreat

Join the Consciousness Explorers Club teaching team as we explore the weird and wonderful world of meditation at this virtual Halloween retreat. The magic and mystery of contemplative practice will be on full display this weekend. Come get weird with us!


The practices of dream, sleep, and waking have been taught for millennia as transformative tools for insight, creativity, and psycho-spiritual development. This practice-based course blends modern techniques for Lucid Dreaming together with Indo-Tibetan methods of Dream Yoga, non-lucid dreaming, and hypnagogic dreaming.


Developing artists and emerging music industry professionals: You’re invited to apply to Venus Fest’s new summer mentorship program! RARELING founder, Tasha Schumann (Tasha the Amazon), will be 1 of 8 mentors in this 2-month, one-on-one opportunity.

July 7-28: Tibetan Yoga (COURSE)

Rareling is teaming up with ITM to offer this accessible Intro to Tibetan Yoga course. In this low-impact online yoga course, participants will learn a simple but profound and invigorating practice of 24 movements used by Indo-Tibetan yogis for centuries.

JUNE 2-23: Meditation Foundations (COURSE)

We’re offering a 4-week “Meditation Foundations” class in collaboration with the Institute of Traditional Medicine! This online meditation course is perfect for beginners and anyone wanting to establish a daily practice of awareness, compassion, and emotional resilience.

MAY 18: Free Meditation Workshop w/ Hook + Hustle

MAY 18: Free Meditation Workshop w/ Hook + Hustle RARELING is partnering with boxing apparel company, Hook + Hustle to bring you a FREE Meditation workshop! ✨ Exercising both body & mind is essential for optimal performance and wellness. If you’ve ever been curious about meditation or would like to learn more, this workshop will serve as a […]